Managing My Energy Usage

Understanding My Energy Options

  • Solar Energy

    FPL supports all types of solar energy sources. Discover how we’re using our sunshine to advance solar power in Florida affordably and which solar programs are right for you.

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  • Smart Home Technology

    Smart home innovation is providing customers with more control and energy-efficiency choices.

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  • Electric Vehicles

    Today’s electric vehicles offer a number of driver benefits, from fuel savings to reduced emissions to a quieter, more enjoyable ride.

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We’re making your energy cleaner, more affordable and more reliable than ever before

  • Solar Panel Sun

    We’re investing in more clean energy sources like zero-emissions solar, high-efficiency natural gas and nuclear power.

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  • Smart home monitoring

    Monitor your energy use and costs by taking advantage of smart tools and technology.

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  • Palm tree

    Keeping Florida beautiful with environmental conservation programs.

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