Nissan LEAFOffer Extended! Drive in the savings with a New Nissan LEAF

Nissan North America has extended its special, limited-time pricing on a new Nissan LEAF, including a $10,000 incentive, which combined with eligibility for a Federal Electric Vehicles Tax Credit of $7,500, could mean net savings of up to $17,500.

This offer is only open to Florida Power & Light Company customers. To redeem this special pricing, reference fleet code B46747 at your local Florida Nissan LEAF certified dealership. The offer is now available through September 30, 2017.

Disclaimer: This offer cannot be combined with any other Nissan fleet or retail offers. If personal tax liability does not realize the full $7,500 credit, leasing is another affordable alternative to start driving electric. This offer is made by Nissan. FPL is not a partner, participant or sponsor of this offer and does not endorse any particular product or offer or make any warranty whatsoever regarding the Nissan Leaf vehicle.

Benefits of Driving Electric

Are you considering changing the current way you fuel up? FPL is here to help you learn more about plug-in electric vehicles and charging. We already have one of the cleanest fleets in the nation, and are committed to converting our entire fleet of company cars and trucks to plug-in electric or hybrid electric over time. FPL customers who drive electric:

Save money

Charge up with electricity for less than the equivalent of $1 per gallon, and save more than 50 percent on fuel costs and 60 percent on maintenance.

Clear the air

Produce no-to-low tailpipe emissions. Even when upstream power plant emissions are considered, electric vehicles are 70 percent cleaner than gas-powered vehicles.

Reduce oil dependence

“Fuel” up with clean, American-produced electricity and help our country achieve more energy diversity.

Enjoy the Ride

Drivers enjoy electric vehicles’ silent motor, powerful torque and smooth acceleration.

Get Charged Up About Electric Vehicles