Benefits of Driving Electric

Are you considering changing the current way you fuel up? FPL is here to help you learn more about plug-in electric vehicles and charging. We already have one of the cleanest fleets in the nation, and are committed to converting our entire fleet of company cars and trucks to plug-in electric or hybrid electric over time. FPL customers who drive electric:

Save money

Charge up with electricity for less than the equivalent of $1 per gallon, and save more than 50 percent on fuel costs and 60 percent on maintenance.

Clear the air

Produce no-to-low tailpipe emissions. Even when upstream power plant emissions are considered, electric vehicles are 70 percent cleaner than gas-powered vehicles.

Reduce oil dependence

“Fuel” up with clean, American-produced electricity and help our country achieve more energy diversity.

Enjoy the Ride

Drivers enjoy electric vehicles’ silent motor, powerful torque and smooth acceleration.

Get Charged Up About Electric Vehicles